Something About Rod (Rory)

Rod (Rory) spent 34 years in the public school system in British Columbia, Canada, as a Teacher and school-based Administrator. He feels well qualified to share the real-life experiences of students, educators, and parents in his light-hearted series of cartoons called "Just Kidding". The gags are drawn from his own experiences or from stories shared by his wife, Tracy, a former Primary School Teacher. "Uh-oh! Am I going to end up in one of your cartoons?" was a question frequently asked by students, colleagues and parents caught in comic situations at school.

Since retiring in June, 2006, Rod has been pursuing his love of graphic art full-time. When he's not drawing, painting or working on his website, you'll find him skiing at Whistler/Blackcomb, playing the guitar, golfing, volunteering at a local school, bicycle riding or walking by the sea. He is currently working on a new project -"The Wharf Rats"- a series of illustrated children's books set in Horseshoe Bay, B.C.. Rod has two grown sons, Ryan (a pilot) and Severin (an electrician/auto mechanic), and lives in beautiful Vancouver, B.C.